Newsletter – Jan 2021 Who Knew?

Who knew we would go through such a tumultuous 2020!? Who knew there would be such impact on the way we live today!?

Well, Little Caesar and The Consuls are still hanging in there. With music being such a therapeutic resource, Martin has been busy with his recording studio and he put together another virtual “COVID Caper” with the band.

We had a lot of fun with this. You will see that it includes Consuls alumni and family: Tony Crivaro, Doug Dixon, Norm Sherratt and James Milne (the late Sonny’s son).

Remember this song?

If you don’t see a video, click here:

Of course, we all can’t wait to get back out there in person to entertain . In the meantime, – Hang On Sloopy and stay tuned for more of our capers and Martin’s variety of virtual diversion.

  • Walter, Martin, Russ, Phil, James

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