Phil Head Shot-edit

Phil Strong – Drummer, vocals

Originally from Port Hope, Phil has worked and toured extensively with:

  • Jelly Roll Bakery, which included Chris and Ken Whiteley as well as popular Toronto blues man Tony Flaim (Downchild Blues Band)
  • the James Hartley Band (managed by Vic Wilson), which included Toronto blues man and bassist Gary Kendal
  • Morgan Davis and “The Knights of The Mystic Sea”
  • Canadian recording artists,  Chester (1973 “You Make My Life A Little Bit Brighter”)
  • Chris Whiteley & Caitlin Hanford
  • the Sylvia Tyson CBC TV show
  • country music star Myrna Lorrie
  • the popular Canadian country-crossover group Prairie Oyster
  • Ronnie and The Corvairs, and many more.
1973 Jelly Roll Bakery: Peter Boyko, Ken Whiteley, Ron Runch, Chris Whiteley and Phil Strong
Phil Strong with Morgan Davis in Knights of the Mystic Sea