Little Caesar & the Consuls
Since 1956

It was Toronto, 1956, when a group of five young musicians joined forces
and formed what would become the legendary “Little Caesar & the
Consuls”, Canada’s oldest rock and roll dance band.

Originally called The Consuls after a British sedan, they changed their name by adding the ‘Little Caesar’ after many commented on Morshead’s appearance being similar to Edward G. Robinson’s from the movie of the same name.

Through the years the band would benefit from a virtual Rolodex of
members including young guitarists/songwriters Gene MacLellan
(“Snowbird”) and Robbie Robertson (“The Weight”).

The “Consuls” would also share the stage with such hit makers as “The Beach Boys”, the “Rolling Stones”, “Lovin’Spoonful”, “Dave Clark Five”, and “Sonny & Cher” to name a few.

Recordings landed “Little Caesar & the Consuls” several Canadian hits; on
the Columbia label in 1963 “If I Found A New Girl”. In 1965 on Red Leaf
they recorded “My Girl Sloopy”, “Hang on Sloopy” (#1 in Canada and Top
50 in the U.S.A.) and Smokey Robinson’s “You Really Got A Hold On Me”.

An authentic dance band, “Little Caesar & the Consuls” are the real deal,
continuing to delight audiences wherever they perform, and faithfully
staying with the same “Consuls” brand of music. They have yet to reach
the finish line of their musical journey.


1965’s “Hang on Sloopy “ was a big hit for the band and they performed on shows with The Rolling Stones, Sonny & Cher, The Dave Clark Five and The Beach Boys, to name a few. They had offers to perform on American Bandstand and a thirty day American tour with The Beach Boys, but they declined as all but Wilson were committed to full time jobs in Toronto.

Rolling Stones Show 1965


In 1976 they recorded The McCoy’s version of “Hang On Sloopy” and toured across Canada with The Bay City Rollers.

1970 to 1972

1992 saw Norm Sherratt, Garry Wright, Tom Wilson, Vic Wilson, Steve Macko, BruceMorsehead and newcomer Tony Crivaro get together, recorded the album ‘Since 1956’.and performed around Southern Ontario including a concert date at Wonderland with The Beach Boys.

1992 – 1995

August 2, 1992
Kingswood Theatre, Wonderland

In 2010, 54 years later CAESAR were still performing throughout Southern Ontario withNorm Sherratt, Tom Wilson, Vic Wilson, Steve Macko, Tony Crivaro, and newcomersSonny Milne on drums (formerly with Robbie Lane and Lorretta Lynn) and Walter Tayloron vocals & keyboard.


In 2011, 55 years later, CAESAR still performing throughout Southern Ontario with Newly added members Marty Damsell (Lead Vocalist), Sam Carothers (Bass) and with previous members Vic Wilson, Steve Macko, Tony Crivaro,Sonny Milne  and Walter Taylor.


In 2014, 58 years later, CAESAR still performing throughout Southern Ontario with members Norm Sherratt, Tony Crivaro, Sonny Milne, Walter Taylor, DougDixon and Sam Carothers .

A list of the muscians that performed with the band over the years
Bruce Morshead (vocals,keyboards)(1956 to 1967 & 1992 to 1999)
Peter DeRemigis (Drums)(1956 to 1958)
Gene MacLellan (vocals,guitar)(1956 to 1958)
Ken Pernokis (vocals, guitar)(1959 to 1976 & 1996 to 1999)
Norm Sherratt (vocals, sax)(1956 to 1972 & 1992 to 1998 & 2003)
Robbie Robertson (vocals, guitar)(1957 to 1958)
Tom Wilson (vocals, bass)(1960 to 1970 & 1992 to 1995 & 2003)
Gary Wright (drums)(1963 to 1976 & 1992 to 1998)
Wayne Connors (vocals, drums)(1958 to 1963)
Paul Denyes (vocals, keyboards (1973 to 1976)
Tommy Graham (guitar; 1973)
Mike Holman (vocals, guitar)(1975 to 1977)
Sandy White (vocals, bass)(1976 to 1977)
Steve Macko (vocals, keyboards, tenor sax)
(1967 to 1976 & 1992 to 1995 & 2003)
John Bradley (vocals, guitar; 1976)
Bob Olliffe (vocals, bass)(1976)
Vic Wilson (vocals, sax)(1968 to 1970 & 1992 to 1995 & 2003)
Tony Crivaro (vocals, guitar)(1992 to 1995 & 2003)
Sonny Milne (drums)(2003)
Walter Taylor (vocals,  keyboards) (2003)
Marty Damsell (Lead vocals, guitar, trumpet) (2011)
Sam Carothers (bass, vocals) (2011)
Doug Dixon (Lead vocals, guitar) (2013)
Russ Strathdee (sax, vocals) (2013)