The Band in Acton

Wasaga Beach July 1st, 2014
Great Crowd
Fantastic Stage
The Boys
Our Newest Addition Russ Strathdee (2013)
Seven44 (formerly Chick n’ Deli)
Thanks Ted
Think Hawaii??
George Singing Oh Charlena
Great Picture of Walter
The Hollywood Gig (checkout the faces)

The Band at Wasaga Beach BBQ 2012

The Old Mill Dec. 9th 2011

(Thanks to all our fans & the people behind the scenes, who work so hard to always make it Great!)

The Old Mill Dec. 9th, 2011 (The Caesar fans love to dance)
I think Sam, our bass player was sneaking down the hall to play in the Jazz room at the Old Mill

New Years Eve 2009

What a great time!
Who is that handsome old guy?

Chum City Hall, Toronto

Vic in his Official Attire

Oh, Oh, did I do something wrong?
Mr. Harmonica Man
I told you I could play that thing
No, Walter wasn’t sent to the corner. It’s New Years Eve.
No Comment!

Long & McQuade & Caesars 50th Celebration

We Made It

Southside Shuffle

What a great venue!

Copp’s Coliseum, Hamilton

Sonny Cookin’

Cha, Cha, Cha, just kidding Norm

Hearth Place

Always a great time

P.K. Creek