Newsletter – September 2015

Brechin-Mara Show…

We hope everyone that was there has recouped from our show. The band really enjoyed playing there and everyone that attended had a great time.


Quiet and stately on the outside was Southern Ontario’s Brechin-Mara Legion as we arrived to load in our band equipment around 11 AM. But by 2 PM the parking lot was filled and the place was definitely rockin’ on the inside.

That was the state of affairs Sunday afternoon August 9th, and at the end of our show, “Encore! Encore!” was shouted a number of times.

We really do have quite a good following of loyal Caesar fans. There were people from Lindsay,  Keswick,  Newcastle,  Oshawa,  Uxbridge, as well as nearby Lagoon City.

Summers End…


The closing of Toronto’s 2015 Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) pretty much marks the end of summer.  September is here.

The CNE stirs a lot of memories for a lot of people.


We all remember the sites (“Meet at the Shell Tower if you get lost“), the smell of french fries, Tiny Tim Donuts, candy floss, the sound of roller coasters and screams from the Ferris wheel.


One must not forget the Bandshell which opened in 1936 and brought Louis Armstrong to the stage in 1962, the amazing Gene Krupa in 1972 and April Wine in 2014.  Little Caesar and the Consuls too played the CNE back in the ‘60’s.

1956 – 2016

As many of you know 2016 marks the 60th Anniversary of the band. For all the former members of the band may your memories live on.

For the current Little Caesar and the Consuls (since 1956) we are open for business and continue the legacy and look forward to hitting the stage soon. In addition to some plans we are developing for next year,  just maybe 2016 could find us at The Bandshell.



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