Newsletter – January 2017



Reflecting back on 2016, the band has enjoyed an amazing year of public, private and corporate performances at dances, concerts and festivals.

For 2017, we anticipate a year filled with celebrations all across Canada as this great Country of ours celebrates 150 years…canada150

…and we look forward to taking part in those celebrations.

We have some exciting projects in the works for Little Caesar and the Consuls now in its 61st year and will keep you informed as they unfold. As we have mentioned in previous Newsletters,  the legacy lives on.

We would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to honour and remember some of the great musical giants that left us in 2016:

  • Davie Bowie,
  • Keith Emmerson and Greg Lake of ELP,
  • Leon Russell,
  • George Michael,
  • Prince,
  • Glenn Frey,
  • Canada’s own Bobby Curtola, to name a few.

These artists have influenced us with their music over the years and we recall that song “If there’s a Rock and Roll Heaven, it must be one hell of a band”. May they rest in peace.

Keep an eye on our Website for new postings and announcements.

We trust your 2017 will be year filled with good health and happiness.


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