Newsletter – April 2017

Welcome to Spring!

It has finally sprung and that’s exciting for a whole bunch of reasons. Little Caesar and the Consuls (since 1956) is alive and well and this year 2017 marks our 61st year of performing. In 2017 we continue to take bookings for private and corporate events, dances, festivals, theatre shows, fundraising events, etc and already looking ahead to 2018.

You see, there is no stopping with this band. As we have said in the past, our musical journey and legacy continues and we are mighty proud of that. The comments received from our many fans and supporters say that our current 5-piece band is by far one of the best Caesar’s ever, delivering what they say is a sound that is pure, clean and fresh, with an added touch of vintage thrown in. It reminds them of the band in its early beginnings back in the mid 50’s and‘60s…..that is a real compliment, and we thank you.

You say, “What makes it vintage?” Well for starters, all you have to do is see our drummer Phil’s kit, a Ludwig Super Classic, and it has a sound like no other. Next up, Martin’s Gretsch guitar with Bigsby.  Russ comes in third with his Selmer tenor and baritone saxes; they don’t make them like that anymore and he can play them.

Without having to lug an old upright out-of-tune piano like they did years ago with a single mic hanging down in front of the sound board, the pro keyboards of today have perfected that vintage piano and organ sound. Well the bass is the bass and Fender has been around for a very long time. Need I say more?  Well, the guys are vintage too! There you have it.

We look forward to another great year. Be sure to check our website for upcoming announcements and stay tuned.


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  1. Hope to see the band in the Kawarthas this year. Have enjoyed the Lindsay Fairground dances. Greenhurst in the past!

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