Newsletter – July 2017

Canada Day was a real BLAST, being our Sesquicentennial year and we  trust that everyone in our great country had a wonderful day.



Back by popular demand, we will be performing from 7 to 9:30 PM (right after the last horse race) at the outdoor patio stage. Last year we enjoyed some very enthusiastic interaction with a capacity audience, noticing that quite a few fans just had to get up and dance.

So, for a special evening at Ajax Downs, we look forward to seeing you catching the excitement of live, thundering horse racing or the casino din, followed by the Consul’s solid brand of authentic, vintage rock ‘n roll.


Just wanted to share with you a few of the very nice comments we have been receiving through our FaceBook channel.

Denis LeetheSenior June 10 at 2:15pm
My memories of Little Caesar and the Counsuls go back to Sunday nights in the mid sixties at St John’s YPC and the Rev. A. Louis Bourque. Well worth the drive from Wildfield.
Lucile Barker November 20 at 7:18pm
Great show! Really enjoyed you guys last night!
Margot McKinnon November 17 at 12:01am
A wonderful venue to enjoy good food and a great dancing band. Sorry we can’t be there – in Arizona now. Hope to see you in the spring!!
Ross Johnston October 26 at 4:46pm
i grew up in lindsay and very often hitchicked to the saturday night dance in green hurst even broke i stood outside with many just hanging with the crowd girl watching and having a beer
Brian Massey July 4 at 10:26pm
Keep the Rock Rollin. (Y)
Henry Soltys June 22 at 3:17pm
Thanks for the memories! and here is to new ones!
Jerry Crawford July 10 at 3:13pm
Marty does the best Frankie Valli I have ever heard – and I saw Jersey Boys when it came to Toronto.
Nancy Law May 29 at 11:07am
so sorry I missed it, Lindsay is a long way from Ottawa … miss Caesar and Saturday nights at Greenhurst!!!
Tom Wilson April 29 at 4:58pm
The only original Caesar was 1956 to 1959. After that we were all newbies I joined in 1960 and feel as original as anybody else. After 50 years I’m entitled.. Let’s rename the band. The Original Little Caesar & The Consuls I repeat its the band not the people.
Don Halward December 1 at 5:23pm
Oh my! Used to dance to them at the Maseryk Hall when I lived on Tyndall Avenue and worked at the south end of Fraser St.


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