News Letter – April 2015

Hello Everyone!

“Little Caesar and The Consuls” are up and running with the Spring of 2015! Upon returning from various warmer winter places, we are preparing fresh shows with you dancers in mind.

We are happy to welcome back Martin Damsell as a lead singer and guitarist. Marty has a lot of history with our band and has got us pumped and planning to record.


Expect to hear some new classic rhythms and tunes as well as our tried and true “Consuls” brand Rock and Roll and R&B grooves.

We are also working on a new downtown Toronto location with a really nice supper club environment and a great dance floor, and Walter Taylor is talking with promoters about live theatre events in Ontario.

As always, “Little Caesar and the Consuls” is available for your dance and concert events and we will let you all know dates that are open to the public.

Looking forward to rocking out another exciting and fun-filled year, we will keep you posted about all these happenings.

“On the floor, or out the door!”

– Little Caesar and The Consuls