Newsletter – Spring 2019

Welcome to our spring newsletter! We like to keep you informed as to what is
happening in “our world” as you read on. We have some exciting news and upcoming events to share with you.

What’s So Exciting?

Well for starters our April 5 th dance at the Jubilee Pavilion in Oshawa was once again a SOLD OUT fabulous event as we shared the stage with our good friends The Par Four.  What a great bunch of guys, and talented they are.

Thanks to Stu Smith of The Par Four for all his tireless energy and hard work in organizing these events.

Stu checking THE LIST
Stu in The Par Four


Also, a big thanks to Dave Smith of The Par Four for providing excellent sound and lighting.

Dave Smith

Not only does he drum and sing well; Dave is also a master at the sound board. Without a good mix, a good band can sound terrible.

As well, we thank Danny Kallinteris and his staff at the Jube for always making us feel welcome. As we have said many times the Jube is a beautiful venue and both bands will be back again this fall. We have a huge following and we thank all those that come out and we hope you will join us again in October.

But what was so special about April 5 th , 2019?

… listen closely! We launched our brand new CD recording entitled “The Music of My World” accompanied by a video. The title track on the CD was co-written by Martin Damsell and J K Gulley.  This new album is dedicated to the original founding members of The Consuls, whose journey began way back in 1956.

It has been twenty-six years since Caesar recorded their last album in 1993, entitled “Since 1956” on (CD Attic RRCD 101).  It was time to lay down some new original material and re-record two previous hits namely “If…I Found a New Girl” and “Hang on Sloopy”. We hope you enjoy the new release.

By invitation we had several special guests attend our CD launch as well as some Caesar alumni; Tony Crivaro, Sam Carothers and Doug Dixon.  Our good friend Duff Roman and his wife Sandra joined us for the evening.

Martin with Duff Roman

Steve Thomson of  Trilogy Records International also joined in the celebration.  Steve has done it all – musician, manager, promoter, producer, music publisher – in a career that stretches back to the 1970s.

Steve announced that we are now proud to be a part of Backstage Productions and Trilogy Records International …

… with our new CD being distributed digitally worldwide by The Orchard of New York, New York U.S.A.

Thank you Steve!

Both Duff and Steve in their remarks to the audience congratulated us on our new CD release. Duff summed it up in saying “Do you know of any other Canadian band that has been around as long as Little Caesar and the Consuls? Keep it up”.  Thank you Duff!

We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our good friend and fellow musician
Robbie Lane who announced the release of the CD on his radio show on Zoomer 740AM.  At exactly 6:20 p.m. he played the title track “The Music of My World” and, like an eager young garage band, we all crammed into Martin’s Ford Escape to listen… now that is exciting to hear your music on the radio for the first time.  Thank you Robbie!  What a night it was.

Now moving forward to what we have lined up so far this season

SATURDAY, JULY 20 th , 2019
The City of Woodstock has invited us to perform at their annual Art in the Park
Festival to be held in Victoria Park. We hit the stage at 5 P.M.
Information on this event will be available on the City’s website:

SATURDAY, AUGUST 10 th , 2019
Emerald Music Festival on Amherst Island. This is a three day festival and we are excited to be back once again. Performance time for our show is 10 p.m. to 12 midnight.

Their website:

Orillia Shrine Club dinner/dance at ODAS Park, 4500 Fairgrounds Road, Orillia, Ontario.
More information to follow.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 th , 2019
Jubilee Pavilion, Oshawa, Ontario.
Once again another fabulous dance in the works with the two bands Little Caesar
and the Consuls and The Par Four.
You don’t want to miss this one. Always a sold out evening.
More information to follow.

Last but not least… a reminder! You might happen to hear “The Music of My World” if you tune into certain radio stations, plus other tunes on our new album.

So there you have it and we thank you for supporting live music.

On the floor, or out the door!

– Martin, Walter, Russ, Phil and James