Steven Kevin Henry, started as a drummer with his 1st band in 1967 called The Lovin’ Sound. He, along with Peter Novosky and Gerry Reid, two school chums, would go on to play together for about three years from 1969 till 71, playing legions around 4 times a year for a couple bucks each.

Crazy how things start. Now I have been covering Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Drums  for over Fifty years playing in bands and touring western Canada since I was 19yrs. Got my first taste of recording back in the early 80’s and when I returned to Ontario when I was 30yrs old with the help of my Ex wife Barb built a small studio in the basement still while all along playing and subbing in bands.

I have been a backline tech, guitar tech, and front of house sound tech. Recorded a few albums for bands and continue to work as a recording facility in a small town Church which my girlfriend and partner of over 20yrs have built. Put out my own debut album “Something I Do” in 1997 an independent release and continue as a working musician in and around the Ontario Canada area.

The love of music is why I do this, and The love of music is why you allow me to continue/ God Bless all with ears. – S.K.Henry